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Eva Fischer

Harm and Dick wanted to pay attention to an important period of life of Harm about 50 years ago. Harm was consecrated as a deacon  and the brotherhood of deacons inscribed in a bible that was given to him a quotation from one of the letters of apostle Paulus.

I will read  this text out of different aspects of my connection with Harm and Dick.

Harm belonged to the Lutheran church, my father was a protestant minister and my mother a deacon in training and Dick and I are descendants of German parents.

Harm and I were members of the same gestalt training group on which I have many fine memories and we belonged to the pioneers of Gestalt therapy in the Netherlands.

We did our work with passion each out of his/her own vision and with stubborn perseverance.

We knew that from each other and continued our friendship.


The apostle Paulus did write letters to Christians in different cities out of prison, the quotation is from a letter to the Christians in Philippi chapter 1, verse 6.


“I am convinced, that He who started a good work in you, will complete it till the end, .till the day of Jesus Christ (own translation).”

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