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Marjan Wiegman

Dear Harm and Dick and Harm’s family,

Many memories of Harm and Dick have arisen during this last time.  I always mention you both together in one breath.

Harm went often to visit his family in Groningen in the north of Holland.  As an true “Groninger” he maintained his bond with his family and familiar places there.  The synagogue in the city of Winschoten was restored through your initiative.

Harm was my  supervisor during my training by the Hogere School voor Verpleegkundigen , the Higher School for Nursing, in Leusden  35 years ago.  This was for me a meaningful, warm and human and confronting experience.   At the same time, this was my first acquaintance with the practice of Gestalt therapy.

After this experience, we became friends and I also participated in the Gestalt therapy training program.  I was often at your home where we spent many hours together with a drink and a dinner, which was always prepared by Dick.  There were often many other friends as well as Dutch Gestalt trainers and American Gestalt trainers present.  This was an exciting and warm time for me.

Dick and I soon became a team of Gestalt trainers for the Gestalt training program.  Harm of course was very stimulating in his promotion of this work.  Harm gave us much good advice as to how best to fulfill this role.  This was very important in the development of our trust and confidence which was necessary in this beginning phase.

We all went together to New York for supervision sessions with Isidore Fromm.  While there, we shared a hotel apartment in a real New York’s hotel close to Central Park.  We walked many kilometers together through this fascinating city.  On New Year’s Eve we went out to dinner in an expensive French restaurant.  It was necessary to pay for the evening only in cash which we had not anticipated.  Harm and I were already outside the restaurant while Dick took care of the situation.  We had just enough money to take the underground back to our hotel where we laughed about and expressed our indignation  at this adventure.

Harm, you were the one who took the initiative to organize one week Gestalt trainings for Health Care Workers.  Since Holland can be very cold and often wet and dull, we decided to organize these trainings in more interesting surroundings such as Portugal, Sicily and Switzerland.  The first of these trainings took place in Portugal and there we were with 40 participants in the plane.  We enjoyed the sun, beach and sea there along with the serious work that you made sure that we all did.

You also were the initiator for the project in India sponsored by Hivos.  This was a two year project to work with the locals to train them in the prevention and care of AIDS victomes.   A few weeks ago I read an article in the newspaper that the incidence of AIDS was reduced in the area where you worked.  You can be proud of this result.

A few weeks ago I was with you and we reminisced over earlier times.  You always enjoyed this and we decided to drink a whisky together as we had so often done before.  After one sip and since it did not taste as good as before, you said “This is enough and I am going to go lie down again.”

Dear Harm you will remain in my memories as a teacher, a colleague and especially as a friend.  I think that I can say these words for all of us here.

Dear Dick you can always count on us in this new life’s phase without Harm

Goodbye Harm.  We will not forget you.

Marjan Wiegman

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